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Mimi's technology is improving the user's audio experience

Hearing assessment based on advanced audiology research.

Mimi uses Superior Supra-Threshold Measuring

The most common clinical measure of hearing ability is pure tone threshold (PTT) audiometry. But measuring PTTs reliably is very challenging as it requires a very silent testing environment and knowledge of the absolute level of the test signal. Suprathreshold tests like the Mimi Masked Threshold (MT) test do not have these requirements. These kinds of tests act well above what is absolutely audible.

Auditory Tuning

Sensorineural Hearing loss – which is the most common type of hearing loss – is often described as a reduced sensitivity to quiet sounds.

Demographic Information

Even without a hearing test, a person can benefit from Mimi sound personalization.

ML Hearing Model

Compared to pure tone threshold (PTT) audiometry, there is no standardised method to interpret Masked Thresholds (MTs) yet.

Customized presets based on the user’s unique hearing profile.

Individually Optimized Parameters

Based on the results from one of the Mimi hearing tests (MT, PTT), an individualized set of processing parameters for the Mimi algorithm is generated.

Mimics the way a healthy human ear processes sound.

Patented proprietary processing technology

Mimi’s proprietary processing technology is a simulation of the healthy human ear. It conducts various non-linear transforms on a signal. These do not resemble any of the conventional audio signal processing techniques, used for example in a recording studio. Through the artificial application of these techniques, Mimi’s processing creates a representation of the signal that, once processed by the listener’s ear, contains more relevant information for the brain to make sense of.

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